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Energy Efficiency Sprint Challenge FAQs

Q. What is Energy Efficiency Sprint Challenge?
A. Energy Efficiency Sprint Challenge is a contest designed to increase energy awareness at Virginia Commonwealth University.

Q. What type of energy is used at VCU?
A. Here at VCU we use 3 types of energy:

  1. Electric, used to power things like lights, air conditioning, and computers
  2. Natural gas, used for heating primarily on the Monroe Park Campus
  3. Steam, generated in a central plant and used for heating on the MCV Campus

Q. What does our energy cost?
A. Currently our rates are:

  1. Electric, $0.072 per KWH
  2. Steam, $16.10 per thousand pounds of steam
  3. Natural gas,  $7.48 per MMBTU

Q. Do entries need to be usable over the entire university?
A. No, entries can be specific, only relating to a small area or they can be implementable, by department, building, campus or universitywide.